Author, Speaker, VISIONARY
Lisa Santiago’s straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy, motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations and into their greatness in many ways.

Over the past decade, Lisa has expanded her role from mom, wife corporate professional and associate pastor to life-coach, keynote speaker and Master Trainer. 

Her charisma, versatility, edge and sense of humor inspire audiences to become extraordinary achievers!!
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About IAmLisaSantiago
Author, Speaker, Visionary!  
Equipping women for the NEXT DIMENSION of their journey!
Born in NYC, raised in the Bronx, Lisa lives in Charlotte, NC.  From beginning to end her story is about PURPOSE.  Yours, hers and ours.  There is a time and a purpose and a season for everything under the sun.  She as experienced life from so many different vantage points and in each age and stage of her life she has decided to move forward and make the BEST out of every situation.  
Lisa is a mother, a friend, a sister, an actor, an author, a radio personality, a public speaker, a preacher, a mentor, a businesswoman and a certified master trainer.  Her life's experiences have taught her that everything...EVERYTHING is possible.  

She currently hosts a bi-monthly women's group - Women Empowerment Networks where women join to support, encourage and network with one another in business and in life.  
She also hosts The Empowerment Authors Showcase monthly with her husband, Brian K. McNeill.  Showcasing authors with empowering stories of overcoming, self-help and children's books.
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You can puruse The Empowerment Authors Showcase Magazine and see of of the amazing authors that were showcased at the event.  

We host this event monthly on the 3rd Sunday of every month at the Little Rock Cultural Center Theatre in Historic Downtown Charlotte, NC.  

The Empowerment Showcase Magazine